Southwest Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 
 Sponsor a Flag for 1 Year!!
USA, Florida & 21 Hispanic, Latin American
& Caribbean Countries 

"Sponsor these flags!!"

Only a few flags remaining! You still have an opportunity to sponsor any of the available flags for $125. At every major chamber event throughout the year, we display 23 3'x5' flags and 8' poles for the USA, Florida and 21 Hispanic, Latin American and Caribbean nations. And you can be the sponsor of your country's flag or a flag of your choice for 1 year!! As a flag sponsor, you will receive the following benefits: 
        - A 3"x1½" plaque with your name on the flag's pole for 1 year.
        - Flags will be displayed at all of our major events throughout the year including  
          our Annual Gala & Scholarships Presentation, Annual Board Installation,  
          Achievement Awards, Business Women's Conference and other special events.

        - A picture of each flag and its sponsor will be displayed at every event in the 
         Power Point

        - Flyers with the pictures of all the flags and its sponsors will be placed ate every
          table at each event.

If you would like to sponsor any of the available flags, please call us at (239) 418-1441 or reply to this email. There is only 1 flag per country and only 1 sponsor per flag! First come, first serve. Below are the flags and their availability. For $125 you can sponsor any of the flags with the word "Available" underneath them:
   USA                         Florida                       Argentina                  Bolivia                      Brazil
Lee Professional        Cartridge World           Alexander Irigoyen     Minaya Learning       Available
Ins.                                                                & Magda Sotiriadis
         Chile                  Colombia             Costa Rica                 Cuba               Dom. Rep 
 Travers Jewelers          Andres Paz                   Available         Miguel C. Fernandez Tower Dental  Arts 
       Ecuador              El Salvador            Guatemala             Honduras              Mexico
         Available         Veronica Culbertson Accounting Solutions          Available            Express Cool Air
     Nicaragua               Panama                 Paraguay                Peru                Puerto Rico
          Available      Jonathan & Janeth Ramirez      Available            ASAP Accounting        Oscar Basora
        Spain                    Uruguay             Venezuela   
     Badia & Assoc.              Available        Anchorage Productions  


Southwest Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
1400 Colonial Blvd., Ste 250, Fort Myers, FL 33907  
Tel: (239) 418-1441, Fax: (239) 418-1475